He Set Up A Night Vision Camera. What His Pit Bull Does


Anyone who knows me really well knows not to mess with me when I’m sleeping!

I wasn’t blessed with the “morning person” gene, so waking up is pretty much a battle in my house. The snooze button is my only friend before 7 a.m. If only I had a kind and gentle soul to wake me up like the sweet pit bull in this next video…

YouTube user autoedit posted this home movie to his page and it features his pet, “Grey Dog,” doing what she does to him early each morning. According to the video’s description, Grey “has this habit ofmeowing for attention in the morning so I set up a camera in night shot mode to capture the cute routine.”

I’ve seen dogs who act like cats a few times before, but this is just hysterical. I wonder where she picked this up from!

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