A Regular Woman Proves That Makeup Can Be A Real Face-Changer


When it comes to changing up your look, women definitely have an advantage over men. We can cut, color, and style our hair in an infinite amount of ways. We can can totally change the way we dress and accessorize to match our attitude, mood, or personality for the day. And, with the power of makeup, we can totally transform our faces to whatever “look” we are currently trying to achieve.

While we all can’t be professional makeup artists like Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials, makeup is one of the easier, more cost effective ways of changing things up on a day to basis, without ever having to do anything permanent, allowing women to wipe it all off at the end of the night and start fresh all over again in the morning.

Although some people would argue that wearing makeup is a way of covering up natural beauty, or portraying an unnatural version of yourself, makeup is something that should be embraced and actually has been embraced by many for hundreds of years, as seen in the Cut Video that breaks down 100 years of beauty in just minutes.

In this video, Nikkie shows just how far you can take a makeup transformation, although she does state that this would be a little much for everyday wear.

So the next time you’re in the mood for a little change, give it a try, and remember that having a little fun with your makeup “IS NOT A CRIME”!

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