She Pours A Can Of Coke On Chicken Wings. The Result. I’m Drooling


Sure, Coca-Cola can be a refreshing beverage on a hot day, but did you know it’s also a good ingredient to cook with when you’re making a meal with chicken wings?

Thanks to her online cooking show, “Cooking With May Lynn,” I learned that with a simple combination of soy sauce and this classic soft drink, you can turn your chicken wings into a savory salty-and-sweet treat. It’s extremely easy to cook, and the end result is too delicious not to try; the soda adds a nice and gooey caramelized touch to the chicken skin, perfect for crisp and crunch.

First, May Lynn adds soy sauce to a batch of raw chicken wings and lets them sit for 15 minutes. Then, she fries the chicken in a pan for five minutes on one side, then turns them over and does the same on the other side. Add more soy sauce, then one cup of Coca-Cola. Let them sit in the pan for about 15 more minutes on medium heat until the wings are golden brown, and bamn! Coca-Cola Chicken Wings, perfect for a party with friends and the upcoming Super Bowl!