Boy with autism is blind, doesn’t let that stop him from singing “Lean On Me” in stunning fashion


Meet Christopher Duffley. He’s autistic and blind. His disabilities, however, don’t stop him from doing the thing he loves the most the world — singing. You’ll find that Christopher’s so called disabilities are nothing, but an afterthought to him when he takes the stage.

In this video, you’ll watch as Christopher performs the song “Lean On Me” with the World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir in Nashville, Tennessee. He starts by softly singing the lyrics, but when he gets to the chorus his talents are on full display for the crowd to enjoy. I don’t use the word extraordinary lightly, but Christopher’s performance is just that.

It gets better. Around the middle of the song, the choir joins Christopher up on stage and add an incredible accompaniment to Christopher with singing, clapping, and various instruments. What an amazing performance!