Watch 8-year-olds step on stage and blow all with their wild moves


Who knew 8-year-olds could exhibit a fun and mesmerizing performance? It is not every day we will witness such amazing performances from the young ones.

Despite their young age, their moves are in sync and well-coordinated. They come off as well-seasoned professionals.

The 8-year-olds dancers are known as Dance Precisions. The young and talented dancers are gaining popularity thanks to their mesmerizing performance.

In their latest performances, the Dance Precision Dancers danced to “Scream and Shout” during the Kids Artistic Revue Dance Competition. They landed the first position and attracted a lot of social media attention.

However, not everyone was pleased with their performance. Other people felt that it was an inappropriate dance for 8-year olds.

Well, be the judge and let us know what you think in the comments section. Watch the performance in the video below.