Cheerleader with down syndrome is unaware she’s being teased until players stop game to teach bullies a lesson


I don’t understand why some people enjoy bullying someone. Hurting and humiliating a person physically or emotionally is something that shouldn’t be acceptable in any time.

Sadly, this issue is becoming more common in society. Schools, work places and even in public. Being a good human means treating others with equal respect and kindness. Someone who is different doesn’t deserve to be mocked, but to be loved and respected.

Unfortunately, not all people have the same way of thinking. These types of people needed to be faced off on regular basis, which is why we find the story that happened at Lincoln Middle School a perfect example to stop bullying.

Scooter Terrien, Chase Vasquez and Miles Rodriguez, proved to be a good example of people who don’t stand watching someone being bullied by others, and that’s what they did, they stepped in to stop a group of bullies heckling a cheerleader who has Down syndrome, the 3 teenagers showed they were made of special stuff…

Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader at Lincoln Middle School. Her duties are pretty clear: cheering on the sports teams whenever they take the field. She enjoys her role, sometimes words fail her, but she’s not afraid to let her dancing and music do the talking.

Desiree is actually a friend of Scooter, Chase and Miles, and these good friends are ready anytime anywhere to defend and protect Desiree from bullies. That’s why the moment they noticed bullies Desiree during a time out, they came up with a game plan that was both clever and powerful.

“We looked at for a while, to see if we were seeing it correctly,” Scooter said.

When they realized what was actually going on with Desiree, the boys didn’t hesitate a second to act. They quickly left the bench during the break and walked up to the bullies.

While everyone was watching, they stood up face to face with the bullies to protect Desiree.

The bullies were quickly taught the lesson. It only took the 3 boys some courage and a small gesture, but it was enough to have a lasting effect on both Desiree and her father, who is glad and thankful his daughter has such good friends by her side.

Fighting back the tears, Desiree’s dad said: “I just wanted to let them know, as a father how much I appreciated it.”

On the other hand, the boys’ fathers are so proud of their kids. When you raise a son you want him to be fair and brave in the face of injustice and adversity; to exemplify the honorable virtues you’ve hopefully installed in him. When your own dad says you’re a hero, you know you’re onto a winner!

Watch the video below for the news report:

It feels so good when you see such young people standing up to all types of bullying, and we’re so happy to see Desiree continue doing what she loves to do.

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