A Man Saved A Condor Years Ago And The Bird Still Flies Back To Say Thanks


A video has emerged of a baby condor approaching and nuzzling his rescuer. Nestor David who filmed the video told Storyful that his cousin Edgardo Della Gaspera rescued the young bird after it fell from its nest and was still taking care of him when the footage was filmed. This video drew much attention after some reports incorrectly claimed that the bird had flown down to visit Della Gaspera.

However, a local article citing him corrected the claim, saying that the bird was still in Della Gaspera’s care and too young to fly. According to David, the condor is still living with Della Gaspera and is roaming around his farm freely. David shared two other videos of the bird that show him taking a bath and running towards the camera when he hears his name, Condorito.

The man greets the bird “Hello, how are you? Did you come to say ‘Hi’? Long time no see!”, the man is talking to his bird friend. Amazingly how comfortable this bird is with this man, allowing him to touch and pet him. It seems like this condor likes having his neck stroked.

This is one unique and very unusual friendship between man and bird. Watch how comfortable the vulture is among his human friend. Obviously, the bird is very grateful for the kind man and is lucky to be alive. Condor’s actions show how thankful a bird can actually be. How sweet!

Condors are broad-winged soaring birds, carrion-eaters and have distinctive bare heads that make them very unique.