Nervous guy stands alone on stage, but moment he hits 1st note audience knocked back in disbelief


Stephen Barry has a very unique voice, moment he opened his mouth in front of the judges and the big audience, everyone was taken aback by his singing. He has a special combination of a soft yet powerful voice which you won’t find it in most singers. In addition to his perfect choice of song, he stepped on stage with a confident smile on his face, knowing already that he has what to impress everyone in the room.

Ignoring the nervous feelings, he stood with a microphone in his hand. along with the music, he sand his heart out leaving the judges in complete awe. His incredible performance was so strong that it even increased his confidence and his courage as the song continued. The judges found themselves grasping hands and swaying because of the emotions built up from Stephen’s voice.

Stephen Barry managed to steal everyone’s hearts on that day. They realized that he has a beautiful talent that needs to be supported. Barry has definitely the passion and the love for music and he shows them very well in his way of his singing. By the end of his song, it was clear that he was more comfortable than ever. With a smile and a deep breath, he had done his very best, and the judges sprung to their feet in adoration. Watch this humbling moment take place in the beautiful video below.

Stephen’s courage is a true inspiration for anyone to do what they love. At the end of his performance, it is clear that he is happier than ever. With a smile and a deep breath he had done his very best, and the judges made sure to let him know how well he did.