Silly Boxer Tries On A Pair Of Crocs And Takes Them For A Walk


Every dog has something unique about them, whether it be physical, mental, verbal, or intellectual. A canine could have two different-colored eyes, a dog might have a heart-shaped pattern present in their fur, or a pup may have a one-of-a-kind bark that helps him or her stand out from the rest. There are also dogs out there with a strange-shaped tail, an extra energetic personality, or even the ability to say “hello” in their owner’s native language (yes, it’s true).

Distinctive traits and features like these make us admire our dogs just a little bit more as we realize how special they truly are. In the end, we wouldn’t change a thing about them!

Watson, the boxer, is one pup who isn’t afraid to admit he’s different. The furry friend has a unique talent that other animal companions typically don’t have, and there’s video footage to prove it.

In a video of Watson, his owner signals something to him, and the next thing you know, the boxer is slipping his front paws into a pair of black Crocs in front of him like it’s no big deal! Now that’s definitely something most dogs don’t know how to do, let alone, care to do. Meanwhile, other dogs around the world are tearing up, urinating on, or even burying their owner’s shoes. But not Watson!

To stretch his talent a little further, Watson begins to quickly shuffle across the floor while wearing the oversized Crocs of his owner. One can’t help but giggle as the adorable dog carefully, yet loudly, stomps one foot at a time as he travels throughout the room. Watson is one smart dog. Can someone get this stylish prodigy on a doggie runway?

While boxers are a very intelligent breed that is easy to train, we still can’t dismiss the entertaining talent of Watson and how unique it is from other canines. For any dog to casually put on a pair of shoes on his own and walk around in them like a human is virtually unheard of, making Watson’s talent hilarious, adorable, and jaw-dropping all at the same time!

I don’t know about you, but I’m left wondering how on Earth Watson’s owner was able to teach him how to walk in Crocs. Perhaps the dog just has an interest and curiosity in human fashion!

Source: metaspoon