Dad plays Beatles classic on guitar, then 1-year-old son takes over and steals the show


When you have a dad who is a good guitarist, you’ll probably find yourself loving the music too and why not you perform together duets from time to time just like this dad and his little son.

In the video below, Diogo and his dad are enjoying playing together their guitars, the father is strumming away while Diogo accompanies him on a tiny guitar.

The little boy looks so immersed while his dad plays the classic “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles. Moments later ,this tiny kid decides to steal the spotlight from his dad!

This dad-son duo belt out a line of the chorus. Their video had been viewed for over 12 millions times, and we’re not surprised at all! Their cuteness is something that no one should miss to watch!

At the end of this performance, we can say that Diogo has a bright future in music and I’m sure his dad would support him in every step he makes.

Make sure you watch this adorable little boy belt out a classic by The Beatles in the video below:
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