Spain and Andorra Police play Baby Shark to thank people for staying off the streets


The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has plagued the whole world, and not even Spain has escaped the dire consequences.

Despite the shocking statistics, police officers from Spain still find a way to cheer up their citizens.

Spain has already overtaken China in terms of deaths due to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and the situation is getting worse hour by hour. A video of a local police landed on the internet in which we can see at least a little fun given to the residents.

A group of Andorra police officers first parked their vehicles on one of the streets, then they hit the road. When the popular child song started playing in the background, the little show began.

The police performed a cute dance choreography with the song “Baby Shark” playing in the background, which certainly made many kids happy, as well as all other citizens. A wonderful move that deserves your view during this difficult time!

Source: KliPland