Owners Didn’t Know What Was Eating Their Veggies, Hidden Camera Captures A Culprit


These days, the web has been flooded with a video in which all the attention was stolen by a groundhog.

For weeks, the owners wondered who was stealing their vegetables from the garden and then they were determined to get things to the bottom.

A security camera was set up in the garden to capture the thieves. They succeeded after the first day – the scene captured by the surveillance camera made a lot of fun for both the owners and many users of the web.

It turned out that their vegetables were being stolen by the groundhog. Animal made many laughing when it “confessed” to its theft right in front of the camera lens!

Groundhog ate a delicious treat there without any fear, and with its response made many laughing. See what a security camera captured in the garden!

Source: klipland