Celine Dion And Elvis Remastered Duet ‘If I Can Dream’


It’s simply amazing what technology can do now days. Watching this video makes you see how special it would be if the iconic artists of today actually had a chance to sing on stage with Elvis himself. Elvis fans argue that only a few singers of the generations past would be a fitting duet partner for “The King.” But watch this wonderfully remastered video below and decide for yourself if the two iconic artists in this video make an eligible pair.

Based on the crowd’s reaction to this remade performance, we’d say it was a success. Is there anything more special than seeing a well-loved star from the past “come back to life” in a performance? That’s why this video is so special. With the use of modern technology, Elvis has made an appearance on the American Idol show, singing an absolutely beautiful version of “If I Can Dream.” And when you think about what it took to accomplish it, it’s an amazing feat.

Celine Dion practiced this performance many times by herself before the final outcome was ever finished. The same technique was used for Natalie Cole to be able to sing “Unforgettable” next to her father, Nat King Cole. So when you see the way Elvis and Celine look at each other during the performance, it takes on a whole new meaning. Celine Dion must have really imagined singing right next to her inspirational hero. Watch the audience rise to their feet – doubtlessly covered with chills – listening to these stars singing together.