Lonely Parrot Walks Up To A Group Of Cats.. What He Does Next


Parrots are very special birds, they just amaze us in the way they are able to live their life. They have the ability to mimic sound of not just humans, but other animals as well. I remember I had a parrot that would curse in front of the guests. It all started when I used to live with a friend and we bought the parrot. We had never kept a parrot before, so when a classmate offered to sell us his, we naturally went for it. He explained that a parrot just like any bird is easy to feed and does not need an extra care like fish do. Cleaning after it is also easy and generally we should not cage it while in the house. It is one of the few birds that does not like living in a cage.

Things took an interesting twist because my friends used to use curse words a lot. It felt like a natural thing to him. When watching movies together at home, the parrot would join us. I believe that is where it heard my friends use the curse words frequently whenever he observed something interesting. However, in the video below, the parrot does not use a curse word. What it does is something I have never seen elsewhere, take a moment, watch and SHARE it with friends!