Dog beaten down to the bone, gets saved by loving mom just hours before euthanasia


People keep on abandoning their pets which has caused the animal shelters to be full of them. But fortunately, people with love and feelings visit the shelters to adopt some of them and show them love.

In the video below, we meet a dog by the name of Rudy. Rudy was on the line to be sacrificed when he got lucky. One woman fell in love with him and adopted him.

When she got him from the shelter, Rudy had a broken hip from being beaten. Apart from this, he had eye disease, mange, pneumonia and other skin infections. This was the reason why he was going to be put down, but Houston Street Dogs, an organization, saved him from death.

When she took her home, she cleaned him and gave him food. Later during the night, she prepared a warm place for him to sleep. She took him to the vet where she was treated. Within days, his confidence to humans started coming back and also changed for the better health wise.

Watch the clip below to see how he managed to change from a nasty dog to a healthy dog. This clip aims to teach us that we should always give attention to our pets. Please SHARE with friends on Facebook!