Young woman jumps out of the crowd to slap police horse, immediately regret her decision


It’s during the Queen’s University Homecoming in Kingston, Ontario, and the police are marching, keeping guard on the road. They’re on horsebacks. It’s a great sight to witness, until a woman springs right from the crowd and decides to get a little nasty. Wait for this!

So this woman sees a horse and hatches a plan to rattle the good animal. I’ve no idea what she expected to happen, but I’m pretty sure she’ll never try this again. Now I’m caught between laughing really loudly and feeling sorry for her. What was she thinking?!

Well, so she shot out to the horse and slapped the animal from behind. Being a police horse, you would obviously expect the creature to react to an attack, but this woman probably mistook a police horse to one in a ranch, and that’s how she got hurt.

So she slapped the horse. But before she could pull back to a safe distance, the animal had already hatched a plan of its own. A police horse doesn’t take a slap and keep calm just like that. Its reaction was knee-jerk. It shot out a back-kick that saw the woman fall over and in pain. She had to run out in shame!
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