The Dog Was Feeling Homesick Until This Little Boy Decided To Do This


You may wonder how keen children are. At the back of your mind you only see them playing around and annoying you with scattered toys and mashed up food all over the place but the pleasure of knowing that even you, yourself, are incapable of doing things kids can do. Much like Jack in this video, Jack’s family had to take care of Burt for a couple of days because the dog’s family was to be away for a while. Instead of having fun with Jack, Burt often stays by the window and waiting for his owners’ return.

What seems unlikely is that little Jack comes up to Burt and gives him a comfortable petting. The little kid, no matter how limited his words are— actually just mumbling in baby words and syllables as if the dog actually understood— stands by his side with a gentle hand over the dog’s head. Watching this adorable little kid and the homesick dog is so heartwarming.It makes you think that you’re actually missing out on things more important than company— family. This child fully understood what Burt had in his heart and all he could do was make this better for him with his company and a gentle petting.

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