Mom Is Scorned For Breastfeeding At The Mall. But Her 5-Year-Old Steps In To Defend Her. This Is Gold.


5 Yr. Old Gives Best Reason Ever Why It’s Okay To Feed Her Baby Sister In Public. This Is Gold.

I find it hard to understand how there are still people out there that are bothered with women breastfeeding their babies in restaurants or cafes.

If you’re so offended by the natural sight of a woman breastfeeding, but still bother to stare – perhaps you should be looking elsewhere instead. Even debating this issue seems silly and like a waste of time, yet mothers are still at times forced to endure people’s scorn.

Well, this mother’s son stepped in when exactly that situation happened to her. She later shared a Facebook post about the incredible way her little 5-year-old son stood up for her.

Why pick on an already tired, stressed mom with two small children on her hands? Even a 5-year-old seems to understand this… while apparently some people do not.

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