Mom is trying to wake her son up for school. Husky has hilarious reaction when she tries to remove blanket


I agree. Sometimes I attempt to wake up early in the morning, only to find myself dropping heard-first back under the covers. It’s common to everyone, and you won’t deny that. Now, what if you had a pet that could actually keep people from waking you up in the morning? That would be great, you say. Well, the kid in this cool video seems to have found his “soul-mate” in sleeping!

In the clip, you see a mom trying to wake up the kid, but the family dog doesn’t seem to be in the mood to allow anyone to get is best friend out of his dreamland, so he’s doing all he can to control the situation. He even tries to shove the mom’s hand away when she tries to reach out and shake kid out of his slumber. I love this!

I can guarantee you; you’re going to enjoy this. In fact, it resonates to our everyday lives. Cutting short a dream isn’t any fun, and this husky is trying to protect his friends from having to go through that “ordeal!”

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