Disfigured veteran meets 5-year-old girl. Her reaction when he says “Hi” has millions in tears


Simon Brown dedicated 13 years of his life serving in the army, but everything changed in an instant. While on a rescue mission in 2006, Simon managed to rescue six of his fellow soldiers who were stranded when their vehicle broke down. The group then was trying to escape, but Simon was struck in the face by a sniper. His survive was a miracle but was left partially blind. He left the army and underwent at least 25 surgeries. His cheekbones and nose were reconstructed, his jaw broken and reshaped and he was fitted with a prosthetic eye.

Simon’s newly disfigured face stripped him of his confidence. Not only did he have to adjust to losing most of his sight, but he also had to relearn how to live as an independent adult.

5-year-old Temperance Pattison, aka Tempy, learned the importance of the Remembrance day when her mom explained it to her. So she started volunteering to help veterans ever since the age of three!

For example, Tempy participated in charity triathlons dedicated to soldiers.

Tempy went also to participate in the 100-meter swim and a triathlon to raise money to help the heroes.

Unknown to Tempy, she was about to make a new friend. She met Simon Brown, a soldier who was shot by a sniper in Iraq. Simon was left with only 20 percent vision in one of his eyes.

Simon was a beneficiary of the fundraiser. The two came together for an online series dubbed “Facing It Together” where they shared their stories.

Tempy impressed Simon as she loved to challenge herself and applauded the soldiers for being heroes.

Watch the heartwarming between these two awesome people in the video below:

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