Courteous Stray Dog Helps Kindergarteners Cross Heavily Trafficked Road


Busy streets are one of parents’ biggest fears when their little ones are in proximity. Their toddler or young children could dart out into traffic at any second, not aware of their surroundings or conscious of the consequences. When situations like these occur, the parents have very little time to react, as do the vehicles driving on the road. I’m not even a parent yet, and I can already imagine the anxiety of my little one taking off in the direction of a moving motor vehicle!

Because younger children aren’t equipped with the best judgment just yet, elementary schools often have crossing guards to assist children in safely crossing the street. But in a recent video, things are a little different: A stray dog is the one who assists a batch of tiny kindergarteners who are trying to get to the other side of a busy road!

Beqa Tsinadze

In a video recorded by Pedestrian Beqa Tsinadza in Batumi, Georgia, of the scene, we watch as two women guide approximately a dozen children across the crosswalk. With so many people to cross yet so many cars driving by, getting every child safely to the other side of the street would be a challenge. Both women, one who’s in front of the line of children holding hands and one who’s behind the kiddos, frequently look both ways for traffic prior to crossing and continuously check to ensure all children are still in attendance.

Although cars should be stopping for the pedestrians, every vehicle keeps rolling through in a hurry to get somewhere. Even when the group was already standing in the crosswalk, nobody took the time to stop. Unfortunately, with no crossing guard in sight, the group would have no way to have traffic halted for them.

Beqa Tsinadze

That’s where Kursha, a stray dog in the neighborhood, comes in. Noticing that the cars weren’t stopping for the group, Kursha was eager to help. He seemed a bit mad, even, that nobody had the courtesy to wait a minute for kindergarteners to cross. So, he started barking at oncoming cars and even lead the way to clear the path for the tiny humans and their two guides. How sweet!

Although Kursha could have risked his own life playing the duty of a crossing guard, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s a great dog for caring about the members in his community.

Check out the footage of the sweet stray below.

Source: Metaspoon