Nearly deaf 13-year-old Golden Retriever wiggles and cries with joy when soldier owner finally returns home


If you’ve ever been away from your family for some time, then you understand what the people in military uniforms have to deal with when they have to leave their families behind during deployment. Talking of families, you include the lovely pets in the family too.

Now, here’s a nice video capturing a really exceptional case of the love between an old dog and a military lady. When this lady is called in and posted to a military boot camp, she has to say her goodbyes to her family and lovely Buddy – the cool golden retriever.

After 3 months, she comes back to be received with all love and appreciation by the whole family, but it’s her moment with good old Buddy that’ll really capture your attention. The dog is 13 years old and has lost his hearing abilities, but Buddy can clearly understand the intensity of the love shown to him by his trusted friend when she finally comes back home. See how they hug!

Watch the full clip and love that moment. It’s so inspiring. Please comment and also SHARE on Facebook and let your friends bump on it too. So lovely