The safest child in the world; Guarded by three large dogs


In this touching scene of animal love and care, we see a world baby surrounded by his furry caregivers.

Two-year-old Teddy is protected by the family dog ​​Milo from the family cat. At two years old, Milo is still energetic and energetic, so calling him a puppy would be unusual.

Teddy’s mother noted that during this time he was awake for three to four hours. Over time, Teddy creates chaos while trying to untangle his mother’s necklace. Niko, the family dog, steps in to protect the decorations.

As a family pet, Nico goes into “mom mode” and diligently looks after Teddy. He is always by her side, never rests, and is always on guard to protect his partner. According to Teddy’s mother’s observations, Nico’s behavior changed with Teddy’s arrival.
While Teddy is playing with his toys, we notice that the dog has taken his old toys. For example, they are currently working on a toy Teddy elephant.
What a touching reminder of the connection and affection that animals have, not only to each other but to humans.

Teddy’s mother copes with the challenges of parenthood with dignity. He finds humor in the way the dogs look at him as if they appreciate his parenting skills. All they want is to hold her and give her attention.

Representing love, protection, and happiness, Teddy is surrounded by animal companions who keep a close watch on him to ensure his safety.

Despite the time, the mother recognizes that this is a phase and cherishes every precious moment spent with the child.

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