A shelter dog responds better to seeing its family and thinking it has lost them forever


One morning, a shelter worker came to work and found a poor dog chained to a fence. So I didn’t think twice about getting a rescue dog. But the puppy was very scared because he did not understand that he had been rescued.

One volunteer said that the dog was very afraid, especially when meeting new people. But when he meets another puppy or gets candy, he begins to calm down. After a few days, the puppy began to adapt to its new life. Moreover, the shelter workers did everything possible to find him a good family.

However, after a long search, they discovered that the dog had been stolen and the family was looking for it.

The family was over the moon when they learned that the puppy had been found. Luckily, the puppy was finally reunited with his family and couldn’t contain his happiness when he saw them! What a reunion! Watch the video below.

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