Husky destroyed all his toys, but still hugs the only one that looks like him


A college student from Durham, North Carolina, had always dreamed of having a puppy, but he knew it would take a lot of care and responsibility. So instead he bought a toy wolf from Toys-R-Us!

Carissa Lerch’s dream finally came true: a few years later she was able to adopt an Alaskan Malamute puppy! Lerch, who named the puppy Luca, introduces him to his old plush toy! And then a surprise happened: the plush toy became Luka’s best friend!

Lerch says that Luka always carries a Mr. Wolfe plushie with him everywhere! They even sleep together! What made the situation even weirder for Lerch was that Luka destroyed all the plush toys he gave him! But when he saw Mr Wolf, everything changed! So glad!