Grateful dog smiles at rescuer who spent weeks trying to save her


Rescuing and rescuing stray dogs is not an easy task because most of them are shy and fearful so being careful and gentle is the way to save them. However, sometimes it takes a long time to trust those who are trying to save a stray dog.

This is exactly what happened to animal rescuer Suzette Hall, who spent several weeks saving a local dog. The founder of Logan’s Legacy Rescue has helped save dozens of animals in need, but there’s a problem with this dog.

He found out after a phone call about a dog roaming the Los Angeles industrial area. When he got to the scene, he learned how difficult the task was by trying many methods, including food and traps.

One day he came very close to putting his dog on a leash, but the dog decided to run away and disappeared from the scene!

Suzette said she thought the dog might have gone missing after returning to the scene for several days hoping to find it. Distraught at finding the dog again, he immediately left as he received another call saying another dog was needed.

When Suzette arrived at the scene, she was shocked to find that the dog was gone! This time, Suzette managed to put the leash around the dog’s neck, which was very happy to have been rescued.

Suzette didn’t change her dog’s name to “Precious” because all the efforts to save him were “worth it.” Suzette decided to give Worth up for adoption until she found a permanent home for her. What a happy ending!

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