Artist Carrying Newly Finished Sculpture Drops it on its Face


These days, a video from Italy is circulating on the Internet, where you can see the bad luck of the sculptor.

He was filmed on a security camera in his studio as he was transporting the finished sculpture to another location, but it tipped over and landed on his head.

The video, which was recently posted on YouTube, has nearly a million views to date. The sculptor’s unfortunate reaction made many netizens laugh.


Ettore Marinelli, a sculptor from Agnone, Italy, has just completed the sculpture. When he was moved to another location, his clumsiness caused the statue to fall and the work was destroyed in a matter of seconds. At the same time, the result turned out to be really strange, and the video made many people laugh.

Watch the scene that follows the misfortune of a sculptor from neighboring Italy who works hours and hours due to his clumsiness.