Andrea Bocelli Pays Tribute To Elvis and Putting His Own Spin On Two Elvis Songs


When you think of Andrea Bocelli, you may not think of Elvis. These are completely different singers. Andrea is a legendary opera singer and Elvis is the king of rock and roll. However, Andrea is a devoted fan of the late Elvis Presley and has written some of his biggest hits over the years.

In particular, Andrea sang two of Elvis’ favorite songs. Of course, he brought his own interpretation of classic hits. “There is no doubt that Elvis was amazing,” Andrea said. He had a flexible voice, a wide range, a soft, covered voice. In addition, he was a very charming person.”

His favorite songs are “Love Me Tender” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Both songs are ballads and both have a long and rich history. “In both cases, the Elvis Presley versions are unusual and memorable,” Andrea said.

He continued, “However, I also wish I had something to say artistically in this classic play. The melody of “Love Me Tender” is taken from a touching ballad about the Civil War. This song goes back to the 1800s.”

Andrea said that he likes two songs that have a love theme and a beautiful melody. He sang songs live and recorded them live.

Check out Andrea’s song “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” below.