You’ve Been Peeling Garlic Wrong Whole Life: This Viral Hack Is Infuriatingly Simple


If you also cook a lot, then you are very well aware that peeling garlic can be quite an inconvenient task. We do not say that peeling is difficult, nor that we need a lot of time for peeling.

The fact is that peeling a garlic is really an annoying task!

Many dealers sell a wide range of gadgets designed just to make garlic peeling easier. But when you see a trick for this task, which has circled the web these days, you will forget about every gadget!

At the end of the process, you will definitely ask the same question yourself: Just how did we not try that before?

An excellent way was shared by Valentina Pestilen from Canada, who works as a chief in a Korean restaurant. On the recording she wrote that this is without a doubt the easiest way to peel the garlic!

Feel free to share this helpful advice among friends, as they will definitely appreciate it…

Source: klipland