German Shepherd Terrified Of New Sprinkler Until Toddler Helps Him Overcome Fear In Hilarious Way


German shepherds have a reputation for being brave, strong, and fearless. Not only do these dogs make great companions, but they also make excellent service pets due to their high level of intelligence. While they may put on a confident face when they step out in public, behind closed doors it is a different story. One German shepherd is hilarious proof of this fact, as cameras captured the unforgettable moment a toddler helped him overcome his fear of water.

While this dog make have no problem fending off an attacker, he was no match for the family’s new sprinkler system. Cautiously maintaining a safe distance, the dog nervously peers at the unusual yard fixture while his human mom coaxes him to get closer. When he refuses to budge, his toddler brother steps in with an adorable demonstration of how it works.

It takes a little encouraging, but finally the German shepherd is ready to make his move. He creeps over to the sprinkler while the tiny tot encourages him along. Finally, he is ready to overcome his fear, and what happens next is nothing short of hilarious. Suddenly, everything changes. Completely infatuated by the huge blast of water, the big dog goes nuts! Not only is the toddler absolutely adorable, but the German shepherds reaction will leave you in stitches! See the unexpected turn of events for yourself in the video below – this is too funny!