‘Elvis’ Sets His Eyes On Elderly Shopper When She Suddenly Joins Him For Duet No One Saw Coming


When it comes to visiting Wal-Mart, there’s no telling what kind of sight you may encounter within the store. Shoppers in Rogers, Arkansas were in for a treat upon seeing an Elvis impersonator singing his way through the checkout line. Shoppers had to stop and stare, filming the entire scene on camera, but it was his encounter with an elderly woman in an electric scooter that quickly stole the show.

The video starts off with Elvis singing the classic song “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” That’s when he makes his way towards the checkout aisle and approaches a man from behind. He slowly starts to rub the man’s bald head as he continues to sing, making the man confused, but eventually laughing as shoppers laugh along to the sight they are witnessing. After Elvis has had some fun he strolls over to the next aisle. That’s where he meets his lead little lady who is already singing along to the song. He reaches out his hand and she grasps onto his.

The two continue to playfully sing to each other – and you can really tell the woman is quite enjoying herself. The elderly woman must have felt herself transported to a much younger decade, reliving the songs she used to sing and dance to. It’s a heartwarming sight. Warehouse manager Don Luper was the one to capture it, saying it left not only him but also other shoppers watching in awe. What a sweet and unexpected outcome from a simple trip to the store. Watch the touching footage for yourself in the video below.