Darci Lynne, The 13-Year-Old Ventriloquist, Returns


There’s no doubt that 13-year-old Darci Lynne is an amazing ventriloquist. She’s been wowing the judges since her first audition on America’s Got Talent. That performance set the tone for her throughout the entire season.

Willing the coveted golden buzzer put her on the map. Now, she’s in the final round of auditions and hoping to win first place. During this audition, Darci is performing with two of her puppet friends, Oscar and Petunia. In the beginning of the act these two puppets didn’t seem to be getting along, but by the end they were singing together like the best of friends.

I still don’t know how Darci sings and remembers to do all the puppeteering all at once. She completely nails this amazing performance of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends.’ This girl seems to get better and better every time she performs! Great job Darci!