Grandma has no clue why teacher called her for a meeting, can’t hold back her tears after opening a pink box


Natasha Fuller, a bright 8-year-old student. Her teacher Jodi Schimdt was happy to have such student in her class, Natasha was always spreading her positive energy to her classmates.

However, Mrs. Schimdt, a mom of 3, didn’t know that Natasha was dealing with a serious illness and a separation from her family.

Natasha was obliged to be separated from her twin sister Brookelynn, who lived in Oklahoma with their parents, and had been staying with her grandparents Chris and Mark Burleton in Wisconsin for 2 years so she could get the necessary care at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Natasha was born with prune belly syndrome which is a condition characterized by a lack of abdominal muscles, causing the skin on the abdominal area to wrinkle and appear “prune-like”  In most cases, early surgical intervention is recommended if the severity of the symptoms call for surgery. Statistics collected by the National Institutes of Health, U.S.A., reveal that 30% of infants diagnosed with Prune Belly Syndrome will require a kidney transplant. The high rate of kidney failure is the biggest challenge for infants born with this defect, and that was the same case for Natasha.

Natasha suffered infections from time to time, that caused to be taken off the transplant list each time. When her teacher knew about her condition, she decided to do something for her.

After talking with her parents, Mrs. Schimdt decided to do tests to see if she was a match. Can you believe how selfless is this teacher? When she got the results, she quickly called Natasha’s grandmother in to discuss what she had discovered.

Natasha’s grandmother had no clue about what the teacher did for her grand-daughter, she first thought that Mrs. Schimdt was going to talk about Natasha’s grades or health  but she was stunned when she was given a pink box. You’ve got to watch her reaction in the video below. Natasha’s grandma couldn’t fight back her tears when she saw what’s in the box:

Even better is what happens when Natasha is called into the office and given the same box. It’s an emotional scene!

This is the perfect example of why teachers should be celebrated. What an amazing act of human kindness; she’s a true hero to this little girl.

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