Dad of 5 girls awaits news of 6th newborn. What his wife tells him makes him go berserk


Kennedy and Natalie are a hubby and wife who love each other to the moon and back. They live in Waldwick, New Jersey, and have 5 kids. The 5 are all girls. Natalie and Kennedy have always yearned for a baby boy. At one point, they decided to have a 6th baby, and they did it in fashion!

Of course, they knew they would be delighted no matter what. Despite that, as the only man in a family of seven, Kennedy was would be forgiven for keeping his fingers crossed for a son.

The couple decided that the baby’s gender should remain a secret until delivery. When the big day finally arrived, Natalie went in for a C-section, and her hubby was by her side supporting her. There was a camera ready to capture the “special moment.” What happened next is still thrilling the whole internet!

So the operation was done, and Kennedy had the chance to finally see the baby. What the camera captured? the whole delivery room could tell immediately due to Kennedy’s reaction. Watch as he gets all excited with “Oh My God!” and stuff until the doctor had to “deal” with him. He needed to sit for this!

Just watch the wonderful, heartwarming reaction here:
For parents, The moment their child comes into the world is unforgettable – and this is a birth no one else present is likely to forget either!

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