Tiny Girl and Disabled Great Dane Share Unbreakable Bond and Quickly Become International Sensation


Echo, a Great Dane and 17-months-old Jennie are joined at the hip. Jennie’s mom, Marion, saved the dog from being euthanized because she was blind and deaf. Marion rescued the pup at 12 weeks and took her to her home in New York.

When Marion was pregnant it was as if Echo knew her future companion was inside Marion’s belly. The dog paid great attention to the belly. When little Jennie was born, Echo fell in love with her. The two became inseparable. The two do everything together from eating, playing to snuggling. Sometimes, Jennie sneaks some of her food to echo.

Jennie and her canine friend have a special routine that proves their undeniable bond. During their walks, Jennie insists on holding Echo’s leash. The Great Dane protects little Jennie from any danger while in public.

The clip of Jennie and Echo taking a walk has taken the Internet by storm.

Jennie cannot talk yet and Echo is deaf and almost blind. The relationship between the two is based on trust and emotions.
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