They Used A Vacuum On The Macaw’s Head. It Sounds CRAZY, But Just Watch How He Reacted


Most people use the vacuum to clean the floor, but this blue and gold macaw’s humans use it for something you’d never expect. As it turns out, this beautiful bird loves to feel the sensation of suction! I was definitely skeptical when I first read about this — most animals I know are positively terrified of the vacuum. But it’s clear that this funny bird can’t get enough of it!

While many people view parrots as squawking pests, they are actually incredibly intelligent animals full of personality. And just like this feathered fellow who enjoys being scratched like a puppy, they have a ton of funny quirks. They’re just full of surprises, and some of them even like to take showers! This macaw might have some odd grooming preferences, but compared to his fellow parrots, it’s nothing too strange at all. What he does at the :21 mark had me falling out of my seat laughing!

A lot of my friends have pet birds, but none of them have the goofy personality that this parrot does. Just make sure that if you choose to adopt one of these special birds, you’re educated and willing to make a long and dedicated commitment to such an intelligent pet. If you love them like a member of the family, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a fun and rewarding feathery friendship.

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