Man Uses A Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Yellow Jacket Nest From Client’s Yard


The other day a video appeared on the Internet where you can see an interesting method of destroying yellow jacket nests.

A family that had problems with yellow jackets turned to the man for help, and they built a nest near the house that could accommodate about 5 thousand people.

The video, which recently appeared on YouTube, has already become a real hit – at the moment it has been watched by more than half a million people, and many Internet users called the method of removing the yellow vest unusual.

The author of the post actually managed a yellowjacket nest with the help of mammals placed in front of the nest entrance. After more than 15 minutes of yellow jackets leaving the nest and flying into the trap, the individual dug the nest.

She fed the remains of her nest, which contained many larvae, to her chickens, emus, turkeys and sparrows. Watch the video to see an unusual way to get rid of yellowjacket nests.