The dog cried loudly in the rain, and kind people saved him and the puppies


A few days ago, a video appeared on YouTube where you can see how a cold dog and its puppies are rescued.

After the dogs and puppies called for help and barked loudly in the rain, kind people came to the animals and saved their lives.

The video, posted on Rescue Mission HT’s YouTube page, has already become a huge hit – it has now been viewed more than half a million times, with many netizens happy with the end result.

Along with the post, kind people wrote that after visiting the cafe they noticed a dog with three puppies lying under a tree. It rained heavily that day and the temperature dropped to almost zero.

The dog and puppies were rescued and placed in a warm home, surrounded by the love of their new owners. Watch this touching video about the rescue of a frozen dog and three puppies.