19-year-old Etienne Stephen Performed Her song “Savage Love” on The Voice Australia 2023


During previous auditions for The Voice Australia 2023, Etienne Stephen also showed off her singing talent and impressed all the judges with his performance.

She took the stage with the song “Wild Love” and judging by her reaction, her performance also impressed many netizens.

The video clip, published on YouTube a few days ago, has already become a real hit – on the specified network alone, the video of his listening has gained more than 800,000 views, surprising many commentators.

Etienne Stephen is a 19-year-old singer from Brisbane, Australia. In the latest selection of the Voice of Australia 2023 show, she introduced himself by performing the song “Wild Love”, introduced to the world by American singer Jason Derulo in 2020.

Listen to the amazing vocal performance of The Voice Australia 2023 where the talented Etienne Stéphane wowed the judges with her rendition of Jason Derulo’s hit. Will she surprise you with her voice?