Delicious Dessert Without Flour And Sugar: Recipe Has Over 3 Million Views!


A few months ago, a video appeared on the Internet with a recipe for a delicious chocolate dessert.

The video has already become a hit on the Internet, with over 3 million views on YouTube alone to date, and judging by the response, it has touched the hearts of many elite people.

The author of the recipe and video says that her dessert is very tasty, but also healthy. This dessert requires no flour or added sugar and is easy to make.

  • Ingridients:

    Cottage cheese or cottage cheese (cream cheese) – 300 g
    Coconut or cocoa butter (you can replace it with butter) – 40 g
    Honey – 40 g
    Vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon
    Cocoa – 20 g
    Peanuts – 40 g
    Dark chocolate – 160 g
    Vegetable oil – 40 g

When cooking, first mix the cottage cheese, coconut oil (cocoa butter or oil), honey, vanilla extract and cocoa. If lumps remain in the mixture, you can use a blender. Then put the mixture in the freezer for 3 hours. For the second mixture, peanuts are used, which are added to dark chocolate mixed with vegetable oil.

Check out this wonderful recipe for simple desserts with no added flour or sugar.