Karolina Protsenko plays the violin “Waiting for Love” by Avicii


The video of 14-year-old Karolina Protsenko’s public performance has become one of the hits on the Internet.

He played the late Avicii’s world-famous hit “Waiting For Love” in the street.

Karolina Protsenko is a talented musician who has repeatedly surprised with her musical performances. She has over 7.5 million online subscribers on YouTube where she posts her performances.

The video clip of her performance of Avicii’s world-famous song “Waiting for Love” on the violin has been viewed by more than 900,000 people on YouTube alone. Many commentators are pleased with the musical performance.

Listen to 14-year-old Karolina Protsenko’s amazing street violin performance of Avicii’s world-famous hits. Will he impress you with her performance?