Drake Milligan to sing his national anthem at AGT 2022


At one of America’s Got Talent 2022 pre-auditions, Drake Milligan showed off his singing skills by introducing himself in his first song.

He impressed the judges with his country song “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” and his music video has already become a hit online.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago, has already become a real success – today it has gained more than 3 million views and many netizens admire the singer’s talent.

Drake Milligan is from Fort Worth, Texas and has been singing and composing music for many years. At the auditions for the AGT 2022 show, he introduced himself with the author’s song “Sounds Like Something I’d Do”, which surprised many with his performance.

Listen to the beautiful song of Drake Milligan from America’s Got Talent 2022 with his own song. Will he surprise you with his performance at home?