Newlyweds threatened to die over the color they chose to paint their house


If you are planning to live in a beautiful house painted in any bright colors, you can get as many permits as possible from the homeowners association. Unfortunately, a newlywed couple in Texas found it difficult to resolve this issue after their house was painted light and became outdated on the internet.

Kylie and Peter Duprova are a quiet couple who don’t want much; just move into their new house, paint it turquoise and make your house more like yours. I went until I got permission from the homeowners association. Without thinking twice, the Duprovs turned their house into a beautiful doll in two shades of turquoise.

An anonymous realtor soon noticed the house and took a picture of it. He then posted it online, seeking out different people’s opinions on the home’s value and charm. I want the answer I got to be posted first. Hundreds of comments poured in, and few had anything good to say.

The harsh explanations were so harsh that perhaps most shocking were the couple’s life threats; “We want to hang them.” Others were simply insulted, with one user calling them “white trash Californians”. It seems that social media users had something personal against Duprov.

After seeing the realtor’s response, he apologized to the couple and said he didn’t write a post criticizing their house. He preferred to remain anonymous and said he did not intend to provoke such protests online. She apologized for being too angry and said she hoped people would be ashamed of being out of control.

Surprisingly, two weeks after the couple received permission, they received a letter from the homeowners association asking them to repaint their house. For no reason at all, the Duprovs found themselves in complete chaos. The social media scandal seems to have caught the attention of the federation and wanted to cater to the needs of its customers.

Kylie and Peter didn’t have to object or object to this decision. In fact, they were ready to meet the requirements of the federation. The problem was they didn’t know what they wanted, especially after they abruptly changed their mind about painting their house turquoise.

The couple will have to wait until the next meeting, and everything will be settled. Meanwhile, it became a subject of discussion in their homes and in other countries.

Despite the harsh response, others conveyed the message more politely. Their neighbor Amanda Dennard said the Duprova house looked almost like a doll house. However, he noted that this does not suit his neighbor. Teresa Nichols, a resident of another community, also said she did not like the color.

However, he added that couples should not be criticized, even if other people don’t like it. She and her husband worked hard to find an apartment, and it seemed like people were crushing their dreams, Keely said.