Woman Smuggles Fake Lynx On A Plane, Pretending It’s A Baby


At the end of last year, we spread the word on a video network where we were able to see the real drama on the plane.

There, one of the passengers spotted a cat on the opposite side of the plane, prompting him to call for help.

When the officers approached the woman, she said she was holding a baby. I didn’t believe her, so I unwrapped the blanket and asked if she really had a baby. At first he resisted her request, and then agreed to let the steward open the blanket himself.

At the same time, she saw that the woman was indeed holding a cat in her arms – but it was not a real cat, but a plush toy with the image of a lynx. The woman also explained that she had a toy to cheer everyone up and that she needed to be calmed down during the flight.

See what happened on the plane when passengers thought the woman was carrying a real cat.