Turkish farmer gave his cows virtual reality glasses to improve milk production


After hearing about research that showed interesting scenes make cows happier and produce more milk. According to the British Daily Mail, the experiment succeeded, increasing milk production from 22 liters per day to 27 liters.

Iset Kokak, a farmer from Aksare, Turkey, spoke about the types of cows.

Headphones and virtual glasses were first tested by veterinarians on a farm near Moscow, and farmers worked with developers, veterinarians and consultants on a farm near Moscow in Krasnoyarsk, the newspaper reports. Visualize the summer playground with virtual glasses.

According to the Moscow Ministry of Agriculture and Food, a study of cows wearing virtual glasses showed that it “reduces anxiety and improves the overall mood of the animal.”

⁇ Virtual glasses For IT professionals, the color palette in the program is adapted to the specifics of the animal’s head, with virtual reality glasses for humans and more suitable for unique species.

Cows do not have color blindness but can see red or green, and can only see pale shades of yellow and blue.

He not only provided virtual reality glasses for the cows, but also played classical music to soothe 180 animals, and plans to buy ten more headphones.