The cat is worried among the guests of the shelter and Hopes Someone Can Take Him Home


The friendly ginger cat waved to everyone he met at the shelter, hoping that someone would take him home.

A cute 2-year-old cat named Mayhem searched for the second time at Lollypop Farm in Fairport, NY.

“Mayhem first appeared at Lollypop Farm in early June after being abandoned by its owner. She went for adoption but unfortunately returned to the orphanage because her new home didn’t fit, ”Lollipop told Farm Love Meow.

The red-haired boy is full of energy and is always looking for something to play with. This ferocious kitten is big, arrogant and very busy.

While Mahim waited for his dream home, the staff filled his suite with all sorts of games and fun activities to keep him energized. “There is a huge colony of kittens here, full of cat toys, cardboard boxes, climbing towers,” added Lollypop Farm.

“When I walk past the glass door leading the workers to their house filled with toys, Mahem says, ‘Come in and play with me! »» Don’t worry – we’re worried. ”

This handsome young redhead personifies a nightmare, he wants human love, and his ultimate goal is time to play.