Pitbull Asked His Rescuer to Hold His Paws on The Way to The Vet


Nowadays, a video that is broadcast over the Internet instantly saved people from the stray dogs that gave birth to the pit bull.

It was abandoned by the previous owners, and it was very difficult to get away from the previous injuries.

The Dodo,Youtube

The dog was rescued alongside Judy Obregon road, who was conducting a TAO animal rescue operation. She saw that the dog was injured, so he put her in the car and rushed with her to the vet.

She talked to the rescued dog all the time, and then held out her hand – the dog put its paw on her hand, and, according to Judy, they went this far in 20 minutes.

Pitbull quickly recovered and gave him a loving family. She completely changed her behavior, but never forgot Judy, who saved her life. She brought a new family into her new family, who describes the pit bull as the happiest dog in the world.