A Family of Seven Sings “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban


Blessed 7 is a group of seven members of the same family. Their singing performance has been tested many times and is a real treat for all music lovers.

In December, they released an online video for the world famous hit You Raise Me Up.

Blessed 7,Youtube

The aforementioned “Blessed 7” consists of seven brothers and their performances always amaze audiences around the world. A month ago, a video of a world hit was posted on Youtube.

Together they performed Josh Groban hit hit “You Raise Me Up” in 2003. He did not release the song – a year ago, a Norwegian-Irish couple gave it to the world from a secret garden.

Hear a great rendition of the hit “You Raise Me Up” by seven siblings who introduced themselves to the music world as Blessed 7