Four Guitarists Playing ‘Africa’ Music is one of The Most Beautiful Mediums we Have as Humans


Four guitarists, who introduced themselves online under the name 40 Fingers, have impressed many music lovers more than once.

On one recording, they showcased their musical talents by playing guitar and performing world-famous hits.

40 Fingers,Youtube

The 40-finger guitar quartet was formed in 2017 by four very successful musicians: Matteo Branchi, Emanuele Graffiti, Enrico Maria Milanes and Andrea Vittori. They are all from Italy and posted a great music show on their YouTube channel three months ago.

They visited the Croatian island of Rab and together sang the song “Africa”, which was presented to the world by the American rock group Toto in a wonderful atmosphere. The song is still considered one of their greatest hits.

Hear four famous Italian guitarists singing “Africa” ​​on the Croatian island of Rab. Will they impress you too?