Woman using a borrowed car shocked when some Secret Santa elves show up with a big gift


East Idaho News media house, located in the US state of Idaho, has been surprising its loyal listeners for many years.

They raise money for good people with the help of a hidden donor, and in recent days they surprised and shed tears for a single mother.

Secret Santa is a real man who doesn’t want to be revealed to the public in Idaho. He anonymously passes his full name on to those who believe they deserve more in life.

In recent days, a representative of the aforementioned media organization visited a woman named Diana, who came to the United States from England at the age of 20. As a single mother with four children, she had to work several jobs at the same time. A man recently collided with his car, so he borrowed a new car.

In the accident, they wanted to freeze the door of a rented car on a cold morning. When he pulled the hook, the door broke. when she pulled the hook, the door broke in the process. She had to pay for the damage from her own pocket. She also underwent surgery some time ago as she had vision problems.